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Unique DIY Gift Ideas with HTV

Unique DIY Gift Ideas with HTV

The Never been Tried Unique DIY Gift Ideas with HTV

Hi, what’s up, my lovely crafty fellas? Seeing you over and over here makes my heart plop with a bundle of joy! I’m sure this long stop over here states another clear purpose of why you’re exploring another DIY HTV project to do. Am I right? If it’s a yes, hear me out because now I am bringing you good news that could flood you with new ideas to create and recreate!

If you’re a crafter, S-L-A-S-H friend who’s fond of giving something out of the blue; if you’re a DIY enthusiast, S-L-A-S-H is a “SWEET GIFT GIVER” who loves acting like a gifted hunter hunting for unique gifts to be given to amazing people you’ve known; and if you’re a DIY-er S-L-A-S-H an art person who always want to match an exceptional occasion with an extra-meaningful gift… Your L-U-C-K-Y day has finally arrived! Quick and Unique Do-It-Yourself Heat Transfer Vinyl Gift Ideas are an excellent concept for you to pick and apply in your next customized gift project! Whether for the occasion, surprises, or ordinary days, exhibit another one-of-a-kind piece using your skills to DIY-ing with your ever-supportive variety of craft vinyl from your HTV Family! So whether it’s a season of gift giving or not...

So without much further-a-do, let your variety of HTVs, craft tools, and Cricut machine out on the working table now, and let the showdown to creating HTV gifts begin! Here we present to you different unique HTV gift ideas that you possibly haven’t tried! 

The HTV Explosion Box

Have you ever heard of fun with the multipurpose concept of greeting cards in a box or a new level of memory keeping that could drop bombs of surprises, blowing away your loved one? If you haven’t heard one, you’ll probably slip off a matchless craft out of your hands! Explosion Box, sometimes called “Explosion Memory Box,” is a unique customized art ready to compile your special memories and sweet phrases with a bonus of sparkly, glittery, puff, or flock HTV! 

What is an Explosion Box?  

An explosion box is a craft with basic art supplies like cardstocks in a combination of scrapbooking, “diary writing”, card making, and memory keeping with a sparkle of origami techniques. It’s a thrilling gift to open when each layer of its flap is folded up and enclosed with a lid forming an ordinary look of a box but beyond carries an ultimate explosion of surprise. When its lid is off, the decorated flaps may contain memorabilia of photos, a revelation of messages for birthday, reminiscing remarks to anniversaries, greetings for graduation, a shocking announcement of proposals or gender reveal; and secrete notes for confessing feelings to a special person in one’s life. 

Why it’s a unique gift idea? 

An explosion box is an economical gift to DIY, yet like a valuable gem that can match any worth of the most expensive gift! For simple reasons, this craft could best represent your most special gesture, and it’s the best gift to give to a person you know who may have everything in their life.

General Steps to Customizing HTV Explosion Box


  • SVG Explosion Box Template
  • Card Stocks
  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Mat
  • Printer
  • Scoring Stylus
  • Ribbon
  • HTVs (Standard, Glitter, Puff, Pattern, and Flock HTVs with color combinations appropriate to your project’s concept)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Heat Protection Cover Sheet (Teflon or Parchment Paper)
  • Other design materials 

Step1: Uploading of the Free Explosion Box SVG File Template on Cricut Design Space

  • Search and download the free SVG template of Explosion Box with 12 inches by 12 inches in size, creating multiple layers. 
  • Proceed to Cricut Design Space to create a new project and upload the template.

Step2: Editing of the Layers of Free Explosion Box SVG File Template 

  • On your canvas, ungroup all the sets of SVG files. Once everything is ungrouped, you’ll see the layers of boxes, lids, and other extra elements on your canvas. 
  • For the template in the cutting function, individually change each element and layer to “score” through the “operation option.” 
  • To keep each element and each template layer’s cutline and scoring line intact, click “attach” so they won’t move, ship, or be modified uncontrollably when proceeding to the next step.
  • Repeat all the processes until this function is applied in each element and each layer. 

Step3: Cutting of the Explosion Box’s Layers 

  • Load the Scoring Stylus on the Cricut Machine and attach the cardstocks to the grip mats. 
  • If the number of grip mats is insufficient for the cardstocks to be cut, do “batch cutting.” 
  • Click the “Make It” option if you’re ready to cut. 
  • After cutting, sort all the cut elements and layers from largest to most petite sizes. Then set aside for assembling.

Step4: Creating and Printing other design accents using Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • While waiting for the explosion box’s main base and inner layers to be cut, create the other HTV design and imprints. Always mirror your design. 
  • Cut the HTVs to their appropriate cut setting and weed away the excess materials. 

Step5: Designing the Flaps of the Inner Layers or Inner Boxes of the Project

  • For all and each inner box as the centerpiece of the explosion box, fold each corner sharply, forming the flaps. The flaps are where you’ll affix the decorations and enable the formation of the “mini-boxes” of different sizes once assembled. 
  • Start decorating and adding design accents according to your chosen theme in each layer on every flap using HTV. Sparkly, glittery, 3-Dimensional, different background patterns and embossed effects are achievable using the chosen HTV material. 

 Step6: Heat Pressing of Design on the Cardstock

  • Apply the recommended heat setting to the HTV used per layer and per flap. 
  • If you plan to stick the HTV directly on the card stock, heat press it using Easy Press Mini before placing other embellishments that may be sensitive to heat.
  • Protect your HTV using parchment paper. 
  • For the other design details, you may also place cute calligraphies, text, photos, mini letters, mini cards, and even sweet treats inside the box. 

Step7: Assembling the main outer box and inner boxes of the Project 

  • To assemble, attach the inner boxes to the outer main base layer by gluing them one by one. While waiting for them to dry, assemble all the lids of the inner boxes, including the cover of the main outer box. 
  • Lock each inner box with its corresponding lid until it forms the whole explosion box.
  • For the finale, lock the whole box using the explosion box’s main lid and seal it with a ribbon giving a gift box effect in its total look. 

The Customized Koozies Can Gift Coolers

A drink for two, for three, or the rest of the gang? Flaunt your sweat-proof ice-cold carbonated beverages in a can under the striking heat of the sun with these oohh…. sooo… coolly and fabulously Koozies decorated with Heat Transfer Vinyl!

This has been made to be a perfect accessory for your drinking needs in an extra-stylized way! With multiple fun colors, it can play along and high print designs using a heat transfer or sublimation printing it can have. With a very affordable and widely available material, this has become a top pick base material of many DIY-ers who feels like to be “drink enthusiasts.” 

What are Koozies? 

Koozies, also known as “Stubbies” or “Can Coolers,” is a stubby sleeves made of polyester, neoprene, leather, rubber, or foam. It is used for temperature regulation of cold drinking beverages in a can or a bottle. It is a helpful covering for insulation of coldness while keeping the hands of the drinker warm and makes an easy distinction of your drinks from another person.  

Why it’s a unique gift idea? 

Don’t underestimate Koozies! Like other customized items, they are not just taking their ramp on promotional giveaways to a company’s brands! You know what? They have leveled their use to some events where it can be more functional as a new gift trend! Koozies for newly wed’s housewarming party? Koozies to be a simple token of appreciation for your teachers or the attendees of your wedding reception? Or for your cool Dad on Father’s Day? Or Koozies for your friend with a one-of-a-kind personality? All of these roles a koozie can do! 

General Steps to Customizing Koozies Can Gift Coolers


  • Foam Can Koozie / Neoprene or polyester Can Koozies
  • Flocked HTV and Regular HTV
  • Cutting Machine
  • Heat Press Machine or Easy Press Machine
  • Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Parchment Paper
  • Weeding Tools

Step1: Design Preparation and Creation

  • Go to Cricut Design Space and create or upload a ready-made cut file. 
  • Scale down the chosen cut file into a size a little smaller than 4 inches, as this size is the standard measurement for a can or drinking Koozie.
  • Always mirror the image.

Step2: Design Mirroring and layering

  • To layer the imprint, ungroup all the images you’re working on, for it will separate the layer of the image for you to acquire different design colors. 
  • Select each layered image and weld all the pieces together. 

Step3: Design Cutting

  • Place the HTV on the cutting mat, the carrier sheet facing down the cutting mat. 
  • Apply the appropriate cut setting depending on each chosen HTV. 

Step4: Weeding of the Design

  • Using the weeding tool, remove the excess HTV.

Step5: Application of the HTV

  • Using Heat Press Machine or Easy Press Machine, press the Standard HTV as the base layer of the layering for about 280° F, 15 seconds with firm pressure, and peel the carrier while it’s warm. Afterward, affix the flock HTV for about 270 ° F, 15 seconds with medium to strong pressure, and peel the carrier while it’s hot. 
  • Use a Teflon sheet or a thin layer of cloth to protect your design. 


The Customized Faux Leather Luggage Tag with HTV using Cricut

Goodbyes don’t always mean farewell or separation of paths to take! It could mean the beginning of new life and a journey toward a breakthrough! Make your friends, colleague, or sibling motivated and get extra emotional support as they go the extra mile beyond their dreams! A personalized Faux Leather Luggage Tag with curated HTV designs is a perfect and practical send-off gift for them! Even if you are miles apart from them, you won’t be missing each other as this DIY luggage tag is an excellent one-way ticket to make them remember you and the memories you shared!

What is a Luggage Tag? 

Luggage Tags are very efficient accessories serving as an identification card for one’s baggage, suitcase, or luggage for time-to-time travel. It contains basic information about the owner of the luggage for easy access of return in case of missing bags; protecting someone’s belonging against stealing or accidental exchange in a crowded baggage carousel full of other belongings from other travelers. Moreover, this gives one a unique mark to easily eye what they own. 

Why it’s a unique gift idea? 

Include a luggage tag on your list of gifts to personalize! This isn’t just a good gift for someone who needs to travel back to their home country destinations or to wish someone for a safe trip. Still, it’s a well-thought-out gift excellent for someone who just graduated from the university or for someone who just recently opted for their retirement at work! 

General Steps to Customizing Faux Leather Luggage Tag with HTV using Cricut


  • Thin Faux Leather or Garment Leather (any color or depending on your choice)
  • Cricut Machine (one with Fine Point, Deep Cut, or Knife Blade)
  • Foil HTV
  • Easy Press Machine or Heat Press Machine
  • E6000 Adhesive Glue
  • Cricut Strong Grip Mat
  • Card Stock
  • Washi Tape
  • Heat Tape and Heat Protection Cover Sheet) 
  • Sewing Machine, Needle for Leather, and Bonded Nylon Thread

Step 1: Customizing and Editing of Luggage Tag Template on Cricut Design Space

For the Luggage Tag Template: 

  • Upload your chosen luggage design template as a cut file using design space. 
  • Edit and duplicate the shape of the luggage template using a customized tab. 
  • Create a rectangular shape and place it on top of the one duplicated form of the luggage tag. Select both figures and then SLICE. 
  • Delete the rectangular shapes to empty the middle of the tag’s shape, giving a border forming a “window” for the information card.
  • As always, don’t forget to MIRROR.

For Design Imprint:

  • Choose and import any of your chosen SVG cut files for your Luggage Tag. This can be a thrilling travel quotation text design with cool fonts and colors.  
  • Adjust the image size fitting on the size of the tag and always mirror. 

 And For Information Card Insert:

  • Also, outline the information card on the design space and print it on card stock using a printer. 

 Step2: Cutting of the Faux Leather Luggage Tag and HTV

  • The first to cut is the luggage tag template. Load the leather good side down on the Cutting mat and secure each corner with Washi Tape to avoid movements during cutting. Then, Click the make it option once the materials are ready and set aside the cutout parts for later assembling. 
  • Next, load the HTV shiny side down the cutting mat and weed all the excess that’s not part of your design.
  • Set aside the weeded HTV for later heat pressing. 

Step3: Heat Pressing of the HTV on the Faux Leather Luggage Tag

  • Affixed the HTV on the front face of the tag and start pressing at 280°F for 10 seconds; medium to firm pressure, and use a cover sheet for the design’s protection. 
  • Peel off the carrier sheet while it’s warm. 

Step4: Assembling of the Faux Leather Luggage Tag

  • Add a saddle stitch on each face of the tag before gluing them together but don’t forget to affix clear plastic vinyl for the window tag first.
  • Add another layer of adhesive to stick the front face to the window tag. Assure these two are all matched up. 
  • Finally, insert the information card on the tag and put the string or cording to its hole to attach it to the luggage. 

The Do-It-Yourself Shadow Money Box Gift for Honey Moon

Handing someone a card with a bill inside seems a little outdated and boring. With an extra effort of your nifty hands and thinking outside the box make cash-giving fun and creative again with the Do-It-Yourself Shadow Money Box! It’s a must-try and guarantees a brilliant way to present your money gift to newly wedded friends who wish to pursue their romantic honeymoon getaway! 

What is a Shadow Money Box? 

A shadow coin box is a multipurpose craft characterized by having a quality of a picture frame in a box version with a functional twist of a coin or money bank. It’s a form of artwork that allows someone to incorporate a display of artistic designs in a three-dimension effect while saving a good amount of pennies for their bucket list. 

Why it’s a unique gift idea? 

Different creative ideas for monetary gifts have been an excellent trend for every surprise and party. It is an extraordinary idea to gift to a newly wedded friend who’s up for their honeymoon, to your parents who are probably celebrating their marriage, to your grannies whom you are grateful for their love, or to your son who’s been saving up his allowances for his bucket list shoes! Similar to the concept of “money cake,” a Shadow Money Box is another form of surprising monetary gift with a combination of craftiness representing an excellent gifting idea that most have never usually done. 

General Steps to Do-It-Yourself Shadow Money Box


  • 10 inches by 10 inches Shadow Box Frame with 3.5-inch depth
  • Dremel Tool
  • Printable, Glitter, and Solid Color HTV
  • Easy Press Machine or Heat Press
  • Cutting Machine
  • Weeding Tool
  • Squeegee
  • Heat Protection Cover Sheet
  • Other Craft Materials for Designing (Optional)

Step1: Text and Design Creation 

  • On the design space, select an image of a romantic paradise island good to travel for a newlywed’s honeymoon. Adjust the image size fitted to the backing board of the shadow box; then print the image on an inkjet printer using Printable HTV.
  • Next, create a text design with phrases stating “Honeymoon Fund Getaway” with a size fit to the glass of the box and stylistic fonts. Mirror the texts. 

Step2: Weeding and Cutting of Designs

  • Load the Glitter and solid color HTV shiny face down the cutting mat and cut them according to their recommended setting. These HTVs will be used for the printing of the design text. 
  • Weed the excess HTV layers of the text design. 
  • For the Printable HTV, cut it according to the backing board size. 

Step3: Convert the Shadow Box into a Money Box 

  • Disassemble all parts of the Shadow Box by removing the backing board and glass of the frame. Then set aside this part for later use in affixing HTV designs. 
  • Mark a spot of about 2 inches or 3 inches long in the middle top surface of the box frame 
  • Using the Dremel, carve a slot on the markings of the top of the box frame to create the coin slot. To smooth the carved area, sand it down. 

Step4: Design Application 

  • For the main display background, press the printable HTV on the backing board for 10 to 15 seconds with a temperature of 375°F in light to firm pressure, and peel the carrier while it’s warm. 
  • For the text design, press first at 315°F the solid color HTV as the base layer of text layering on the glass frame for about 10 to 15 seconds at zero pressure or without closing the heat press fully and peel the carrier while it’s warm. 
  • Next, press the top layer, the glitter HTV at 330°F for about 10 to 15 seconds at zero pressure, and peel the carrier while it’s warm. 
  • Don’t forget to place a towel under the glass to avoid it from breaking, and always put Heat Protection Cover Sheet to protect your design. 

Step5: Reassembling the Shadow Money Box Frame

  • To get the finished look of the Shadow Money box, combine all the parts. 
  • Assemble the glass back to the frame, attach the backing board and insert your surprise monetary gift to complete the project. 


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