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XVinyl Chameleon Color Changing HTV


Elevate Your Creative Genius with XVinyl Color-Changing Chameleon Vinyl

Xvinyl Chameleon:

Color-changing Chameleon htv heat transfer vinyl has unique effects depending on the light. It has neon shining from holographic background views. It is the perfect product for eye-catching and vibrant designs.

🌟 Why Choose XVinyl Color-changing Chameleon Vinyl?
  • Unique, eye-catching color transitions
  • High-quality, durable material
  • Compatible with most cutting machines
  • Easy to apply and transfer
  • Perfect for all DIY and professional uses
  • Revolutionize your crafting experience with XVinyl Color-changing Chameleon Vinyl and create projects that are not just striking, but absolutely unforgettable! Add to cart now for an endless spectrum of creativity!

Tips for Cutting

For Cricut:

  • Blade: Standard
  • Mode: Iron on+

For Silhouette:

  • Blade:1
  • Force:8
  • Speed:5
  • Passes:2
  • Material: Smooth

Tips for Ironing

Heat Press:

  • Temperature: 305℉ ( 150 C)
  • Time: 8-12s
  • Pressure: Middle pressure

Home Iron:

  • Mode: Wool-Cotton
  • Time:10-12s

Additional Instructions:

★Wash it after 24 hours, turn the garment over before you wash it.
★Do not use softener fabric.
★Do not dry clean.
★Do not bleach.

    Key Features:

    🌈 Dynamic Color Change Technology
    Get ready to be mesmerized as our Chameleon Vinyl shifts colors right before your eyes! Infused with advanced color-change technology, it transitions through a stunning array of hues when exposed to different lighting conditions, angles, or even heat.

    💎 Premium Quality & Durability
    Made with high-grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the XVinyl Chameleon Vinyl promises long-lasting durability and flexibility. It's scratch-resistant, waterproof, and UV-resistant, ensuring your projects last a lifetime.

    🎨 Limitless Applications
    The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity. Ideal for crafting decals, stickers, signage, or even custom apparel! Suitable for use on various surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, wood, and more. Perfect for Silhouette, and other cutting machines.

    👌 User-Friendly & Time-Saving
    Its easy-to-cut and weed design lets you make intricate patterns effortlessly. The strong adhesive backing ensures a quick and secure transfer, leaving you more time for creativity. Easy to apply using either a heat press or household iron.

    Color changing chameleon and glow in the dark htv heat transfer vinyl

     XVinyl Chameleon color changing htv heat transfer vinyl iron on vinyl