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    Craft Vinyl Blog Posts

    • March 31, 2023 Adhesive Vinyl- A Beginner’s Guide
      Adhesive Vinyl- A Beginner’s Guide

      Advertisements, business or personal signs and logos, walls and windows decals, or even car graphics, all of these eye-catching graphic designs are typically made with a thin, flexible, self-adhesive material called adhesive vinyl.

      Adhesive vinyl is durable and can also be waterproof, which makes it very versatile. It comes in many forms, like matte, glossy, metallic, glitter, patterned, and many more. Yet, it consists of two main types, removable vinyl, and permanent vinyl.

    • March 24, 2023 Common HTV Mistakes
      Common HTV Mistakes

      Creating craft vinyl projects is a tale full of creative satisfaction. Unfortunately, some get stuck on a chapter defined by mishaps and frustrations. True indeed! Crafters don't always get a happy ending. Just a single mistake can ruin what should be a moment of triumph. Mistakes are bound to happen from new seeds of talent breaking their way into the beautiful world of HTV and even to master makers.  

      So, why confine yourself to such a sad story when you can thrive and enjoy the happy ending we all dream of having– a successful HTV project?

    • March 17, 2023 STRIPFLOCK VINYL

      Do you remember those embroidery patches on your favorite jeans when you were little? Flock vinyl is similar to those, except that it is far more readily available and less expensive. 

      I want to go over the basics of Stripflock Vinyl, so this type of HTV comprises three distinct layers. The gleaming front is our transparent carrier sheet, a thick plastic piece. It's like a built-in high task mask or a transfer tape. So, you don't have to use these two to pick up your designed vinyl. Then there's our StripFlock vinyl behind, which will peel off of our carrier sheet. This is where you can find the soft velvety finish. The smooth, silky finish and the back is where our adhesive is, activated until it hits the heat.

      SISER BRICK AND SISER DIGIBRICK Thin or thick, materials of all sizes have a place in garment decorating with the help of Heat Transfer Vinyl. Even the simplest shirt you have on hand could turn into something special after adhering to some types of vinyl. Since you know how to utilize standard vinyl, printable vinyl, and pattern vinyl, the excellent kind of HTV I'm about to introduce will give you more motivation to do DIY vinyl projects.