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XVinyl Cutting Mat for Cricut Explore/Air 1/ Air 2/ Cricut Joy - Premium Adhesive Mat

$16.00 $13.00
Light Grip (3 Mats)
Standard Grip (3 Mats)
Strong Grip (3 Mats)
Variety Pack (3 Mats)

Elevate your crafting game with the XVinyl Cutting Mat, designed exclusively for Cricut Explore, Air 1, Air 2 and Cricut Joy machines. This premium adhesive mat ensures precise and flawless cuts every time. Crafted with high-quality materials, it provides a reliable surface for a wide range of vinyl projects. Whether you're working on intricate designs or large-scale creations, our cutting mat delivers exceptional grip and accuracy. Discover the joy of seamless crafting with XVinyl!


Key Features:

  • 🌟 A Grip for Every Task:

    • Strong Grip: For those intricate and detailed vinyl cuts, ensuring zero slips.
    • Standard Grip: The go-to mat for regular vinyl projects, balancing grip and ease.
    • Light Grip: Ideal for thinner vinyl sheets, ensuring they stay put without over-adhesion
  • 🏆 Designed for Vinyl Mastery:

    Every mat in our trio has been crafted with vinyl enthusiasts in mind. The adhesive strength of each mat is tuned perfectly to cater to different vinyl types and projects.

  • 🔄 Durable & Multi-Use:

    Crafted with quality materials, each mat promises longevity and can be reused multiple times, retaining its grip and ensuring sustainability in your crafting sessions.

  • Protective Film for Longevity: After each use, remember to keep the protective film on. This simple step prevents lint and dust buildup, preserving the mat's stickiness for a prolonged period, ensuring consistent and reliable grip.

  • 💡 Clear Grid Guidance:

    All our mats feature clear grid lines, providing a stellar reference for precise alignment and measurements, ensuring every cut hits the mark.


Application Instructions:

  • Choose Your Mat: Depending on your vinyl type and project, select the appropriate grip mat.
  • Clean It Up: Before use, gently wipe your chosen mat with a lint-free cloth to ensure it’s debris-free.
  • Position Vinyl: Lay your vinyl sheet on the mat, aligning with the grid lines for optimal precision.
  • Smooth & Stick: Press the vinyl gently onto the mat to ensure a bubble-free adherence.
  • Cutter Ready: Align and feed the mat into your cutting machine.
  • Craft & Peel: After cutting, carefully remove the vinyl. For best mat longevity, peel at an angle, ensuring the adhesive layer remains pristine.
  • Protect & Store: Use the mat's protective cover when storing. This maintains the adhesive quality for future uses.

Why Embrace the XVinyl Cutting Mat Trio?

  • Three Grips for Every Vinyl Need
  • Precision-Crafted for Vinyl Enthusiasts
  • Reusable, Durable & Sustainable Design
  • Grid-Lined for Enhanced Accuracy
  • A Commitment to Crafting Perfection

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Mcafee
amazing product amazing prices

I stumbled over your site while I was watching a youtube video learning all about craft vinyl and how to use my Cameo 4. The product the gal was using was an American company but i thought there must be a canadian supplier of larger quantities of vinyl and I came across CraftVinyl.ca What a gold mine.

The prices were incredibly affordable compared to Michael's and way more procudt in the package.

I have been sharing your company ever since.