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How to Make Your Cutting Mat Sticky – Again!

How to Make Your Cutting Mat Sticky – Again!

One of the most important tools needed in order to make the best HTV and adhesive vinyl crafts would be a cutting mat. It’s always used in crafts, and is considered to be a necessity, however, what if it dies out? 

By “dying out” I mean, what if it loses its’ stickiness? Do you buy a new one or attempt to prolong the lifetime of this dying fellow? I wouldn’t really refer to cutting mats as cheap, nor would I refer to them as expensive. However, it is cheaper to give your old one a new life to serve you with its’ relived function!
First and foremost, why do we need our cutting mats to be sticky? To answer your question, a cutting mat needs to be sticky in order for it to be able to cling onto the vinyl, as you get it inside the machine.

This would ensure that your machine is cutting in all the right places, something that may not be possible especially after you lose the stick of your cutting mat. We don’t really want to do that, do we?

Without further-a-do, I think it’s best for us to start now!

To get your cutting mat sticky again, we have two separate processes. One, we need to clean the surface of our cutting mat. Remove the gunk and all the random pieces you might find stuck onto your no longer sticky mat.
Below is a list of the items you’ll be needing in order to clean your mats.
(This method is only applicable to green, blue and purple cutting mats!)
  • Warm Water
  • Sponge
  • Dish Soap
  • Paper Towel(Optional)
With the materials at hand, we can now begin to clean our cutting mat. Similar to most methods used when cleaning the dishes, we can start off by placing a decent amount of dish soap in our sponge.
By putting the mat in the sink, and running it with warm water while gently rubbing off all the gunk, we are able to achieve the clean mat that we need.
Remember to only use the soft side of the sponge, not the rough textured green one, this would prevent damaging our cutting mats.
Using the paper towel you can choose to either wipe off the excess water or let the mat air dry and do its’ own thing for at least 30 minutes. After the cutting mat has completely dried, the cutting mat is now clean, sticky, and absolutely looks so brand new!
Now for the re-sticking process, it’s time to put out the following materials! This process is totally optional!
  • Masking Tape
  • Adhesive Spray
These are the two materials that you’re going to need. The masking tape would be used to stick the cutting mat onto the flat surface properly. Aside from that, this would also make sure that you’re only getting the adhesive spray to where you want it to be.
Not using masking tape for this process can result to a sticky situation, in which your cutting mat will be sticking onto the rollers of your machine, which can create a total mess!
The adhesive spray is pretty self explanatory, as we are trying to get it sticky again, what better way to do that other than using an adhesive spray?
Now let’s get to sticking!
Steps on how to Re-stick your cutting mat:
1. Tape your cutting mat onto a flat surface; remember to keep only the body of the mat exposed!
2. Spray away!
When spraying the surface of the mat, start with an even coat that isn’t too thin. This would ensure that you actually got stick on the cutting mat! Try not to spray too far away but at the same time not too close.
Apply a much thinner second layer of the adhesive spray; you can spray at a farther distance in order to really get a thin layer instead of making another thick layer.
Now, remember that this trick won’t last as long as a new cutting mat, however people who have a businesses or who cut a lot can really use this hack, for one when you use a cutting mat for a lot of things in a short period of time, it can easily lose its’ stick.
Running over a lot of cutting mats isn’t necessarily the goal here, investing in two products that can be used repeatedly such as the adhesive remover, and the adhesive sprays, which are cheaper than a new cutting mat, can be a really wise option.
Pink Mat:
As mentioned earlier, the said method is only applicable to green, purple and blue mats. Which is why for this portion of the blog is dedicated to pink mats! Aside from that, there isn’t really any way to clean it.
A pink mat contains a different form of adhesive as compared to the other mats. It’s more sensitive, a factor that can affect its’ quality would be touching it with ones’ fingertips as the oil can cause damage.
A scraper tool is totally a no-no, as it can damage the adhesive on the mat. An advice we can totally give you would be applying a clear transfer tape, sticky side up on the cutting mat then proceed with the material you’re planning on using.
Taking the material off, means leaving the transfer tape on the cutting mat. This would mean that you’re not imposing any residue on the pink mat, and aside from that you don’t really need to replace the transfer tape over and over.
Now that we’ve got that all sticky again, don’t forget to share this tip with your friends, and save up a lot of money, instead of investing in a new cutting mat! After all, the money can be used to instead buy more colorful vinyl!
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