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Applying Adhesive Vinyl on Wax Candles!

Online shopping has been quite the trend especially during this pandemic, admit it or not, you’ve probably been shopping online as well! Even if it’s convenient, you and I both know that it’s still exceptionally different from shopping in physical stores.

One thing that we both might’ve been interested on would be candles! Candles provide this home-y effect on anyone’s room, and can provide you with the air of relaxation that you totally deserve. However, when online shopping we don’t necessarily get to smell, or see these candles as compared to how they are in real life.

Candles aren’t only used for well, lighting up, or perhaps the smell. Make sure to note that these candles can also be used for pleasing the eyes, and providing them the luxury to view such intricate table setting.

With that, I think it’s time to start!

Materials needed:

  • Cutting Machine
  • Weeding Tools
  • Cutting mat
  • Application Tool
  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Candle of your choice
  • Transfer tape

For this craft, I highly recommend using a transfer tape that isn’t too sticky, but can still be able to give you a grip. This would be necessary as using a transfer tape that has too much stick on it, can lead to the vinyl not transferring.

Candle wax is something that can be easily deemed slippery. It’s far more slippery compared to glass. For this, I used a transfer tape with the stickiness I found comfortable! You can also use a transfer paper, considering that it’s more malleable as compared to a clear transfer tape.

Like as usual, we would be using the cutting machine, weeding tools, cutting mat, and the application tool in order to perform this craft. It isn’t quite different from the usual craft, it’s only a tad bit complicated due to the difference going on with the complexity of the substrate we’re about to use.

Now that you’ve got the materials in place, I think it’s time we start working on our crafting project!

Steps in applying the Adhesive Vinyl on candles!

  1. Cut and weed until satisfied

A recommendation we can give you in terms of choosing your design, would be to choose something that gives your candle a “more luxurious” feel. After all, we’re making this craft for the sake of it becoming an “eye candy”, a decorative piece! Make sure that the design you’ve printed out suits the candle, and that it can fit the candle!


  1. Apply the Adhesive Vinyl on your transfer tape or transfer paper!

This part is pretty straight forward, as mentioned earlier one big difference that separates this from other crafts would only be the substrate!

  1. Use the application tool!

This would ensure that you’ve got your entire design on your transfer tape (or paper); especially with a tricky surface like this it’s important to really press it on.

Aside from that, there’s nothing wrong with making sure of everything through every step of the way!


  1. Carefully wrap the transfer tape around the candle.

Similar to a drinking glass or other materials you might’ve personalized, the candle can provide you with that same feeling as they might be of the same shape and style.

  1. Press on the design to ensure that it sticks onto the wax!

During these steps, make sure that you’ve got the design right on the very spot that you wanted it to be. It’s advisable to do this on top of a flat surface to make sure that you’ve got a steady hand as you don’t really want to have shaky hands when the surface you’re handling isn’t quite the typical surface.

Similar to the reason that you’re using an application tool, this time we’re using our hands to ensure that the entire adhesive sticks onto the candle. Watch out for the weight of your hand, and how much pressure you’re using to press it on. We do naturally emit heat, and pressing too hard can cause small dents that wouldn’t look pleasing on a candle.


If you’re growing your nails, make sure to be careful as they can easily penetrate the candle and make marks. This doesn’t require much preparation compared to when you’re using adhesive vinyl on a wooden surface, using alcohol on a candle wouldn’t really do much and we can’t really prime it either.

For the lack of a better term, applying adhesive vinyl on a candle doesn’t really have a cheat sheet. The only thing it really needs is your time and precision in order to perform the right procedures and of course, leave you satisfied in the very end.


With that, it’s very important to note that this candle is not meant for you to light up! This is only necessary for decorative purposes, and not as a decoration that you are going to light up!

Adhesive vinyl can easily burn up, and we don’t really want to burn, damage an area or worse cause harm on other people. So, remember to keep an eye on this and to not light them up.

And that brings our journey to an end! Remember to share this article with your friends if you’ve picked up a thing or two from it. A luxurious candle isn’t something that should be kept a secret.

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 Enjoy the brand new look of your candle and always remember to have a safe and happy crafting, Crafters!