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A Guide on Glitter Vinyl (Adhesive and HTV)

  Working with Glitter Vinyl is not as hard as you may think it is. Though, it’s a little bit different from the standard vinyl. This type of vinyl is a bit thicker and sturdier than other types of vinyls which makes it a little bit trickier to cut. Glitter Vinyl comes in adhesive vinyl and HTV, meaning you can use Glitter Vinyl in any project you can dream of. In this article, we will help you learn all of the things you need to know before dealing with Glitter Vinyl.



 Glitter Vinyl is a type of vinyl that has a different design compared to other standard vinyl. The finish of this type of vinyl is neither matte nor glossy, it has this sparkly and glimmery finish in it! Like other types of vinyl, Glitter Vinyl also comes with many different colors you can choose from.





Cutting Glitter Vinyl is a little bit different with cutting standard types of vinyl. This type of vinyl is thicker than the other types of vinyl which makes it harder to cut. But don’t worry! We will show you how it’s done!


  1. Check if your Glitter Vinyl is Adhesive or HTV.

Adhesive Vinyl is different from HTV, therefore, the method of cutting them is also different. Adhesive Vinyl is a vinyl that can adhere without the use of heat while HTV can only stick on a surface if you use heat while you are applying it. HTV also has its own backing at the front side of the vinyl and you don’t want to cut that because it will completely ruin your vinyl. So check them first!


  1. Don’t forget to mirror your design (For HTVs).

This step is only relevant if you are using HTVs. If you are using Adhesive Glitter Vinyl, ignore this step and proceed to the next step. Now, if you are using HTV, don’t forget to mirror your design. Because if you do, your vinyl will not cut the correct way.


  1. Place your Glitter Vinyl on your cutting mat.

So now that you know what type of Glitter Vinyl you have, place it on your cutting mat. If you are using Adhesive Vinyl place them on the cutting mat the same way as you put a standard vinyl (colorful side facing up).


If you are using HTV, load your vinyl on your cutting mat glossy side facing down. This way, the backing of your Glitter HTV won’t be cut. This is also the reason why you need to mirror your design, because it will be cut in its back side and not the front side.


As mentioned earlier, Glitter HTVs and Adhesives are thicker and sturdier compared to other types of vinyl so it tends to curl up when you first put it on your cutting mat. Incase this happens, just carefully push it into the cutting mat to help it to stay on the mat. Or just simply use a stickier mat when working with Glitter Vinyl.


  1. Check your Cutting Machine.

Now that your cutting mat is successfully loaded, check your dial setting. Because of the thickness of this type of vinyl, it requires more pressure for the blade to cut the vinyl perfectly. If you are using Cricut, put your dial setting on “Custom”. After doing this, a drop-down menu will appear on your computer screen. Find the “Glitter Vinyl” on the Vinyl section. After doing this, you can now cut your Glitter Vinyl. Whether you are using Glitter Adhesive Vinyl or Glitter HTV, you are required to do this step to achieve a clean and perfect cut.


  1. Check your cutting blades.

If you are experiencing poor cuts, you may want to check your cutting blades. Cutting different types of vinyl can dull your blades, Glitter Vinyl is harder to cut because of its thickness, so a dull blades won’t let you achieve perfectly clean cuts.





Weeding is the process in which you take off the excess vinyl off your design. Glitter vinyl is very pretty and very eye catching but weeding glitter vinyl can be very tricky due to its sparkly design. It can be very hard to find the cutting lines. Weeding this type of vinyl can be very frustrating, but don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks for you!


You can use good old Baby Powder! Sprinkle some baby powder on your design and it will reveal those cutting lines you are looking for! If you are worried about your design being ruined, don’t worry your design is completely safe!


You can also use your window! This trick will only work if it is bright outside, so do not do this trick at night time. If your design is a simple design you can just hold the design up on the window so you can easily see the cutting lines. If your design is intricate, you can also tape your design on the wall with a scrap transfer tape.


Here’s another tip for you! While weeding Glitter vinyl, make sure that you have an excellent lighting. An excellent lighting will help you see those cutting lines and won’t tire your eyes.





Now that your Glitter Vinyl is perfectly weeded! It’s time to apply them on your final surface. Application may vary depending on what type your Glitter Vinyl it is. When you are using Glitter Adhesive Vinyl, here’s the steps!




  1. Clean your final substrate. Here’s another trick for you! After thoroughly cleaning your final substrate, rub some rubbing alcohol on it to make it super clean and for the vinyl to adhere perfectly. Alcohol takes off any leftover oils and completely dehydrate the surface.


  1. Carefully center your design on your final substrate. When you finally stick it on the final substrate, use your scraper and scrape the top of your transfer tape to remove air pockets and bubbles, to make sure your design is really stuck on your surface. If you don’t have a scraper tool you can also use a sturdy card like gift cards.



  1. Remove the transfer tape, be careful when you are doing this process. There’s a chance that the vinyl is not completely stuck on the surface. In case this happens, bring back the transfer tape on the design and scrape it once again.


  1. Now, you are finally done!




  1. Press your final substrate until there’s no wrinkles. By doing this, you are also pre-heating your substrate and makes your application a lot easier!


  1. Find the center of your final substrate and design. Here’s how, (link of article about centering)




  1. Make sure that there’s something underneath your final substrate before pressing. And also put a multipurpose paper or teflon sheet on top of your design so that the carrier sheet of the HTV doesn’t melt.


  1. Press the design on the final substrate for about 15-20 seconds with a lot of pressure.


  1. Press the back of the shirt as well to make sure that the design is completely stuck.


  1. Peel off the carrier sheet carefully, see if the HTV is completely stuck on the substrate. If not, place the carrier sheet on top of the design so as the multipurpose paper of Teflon sheet and press the design again, with more pressure this time and a little bit longer than the last time.


  1. And now, you’re finally done!


Note: make sure to let the substrate rest and cure for about 2-3 days before washing them!



We really hope that you find this article very helpful! We would really appreciate it if you send this article to your friends and family that are also curious as to how Glitter Vinyl works. If you do try making projects with Glitter Vinyl make sure to send them to us thru private messages on our social media accounts! We would like to see them! Thank you!


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