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Different Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl



Interest in making something creative is a very easy task, as boredom can release the potential artist in you! Making HTV designed shirts, pillowcases, tote bags, etc. Can be one of the many ways to help yourself unleash your hidden skill!

However, it’s no secret that even the greatest in the field were once clueless as to how everything worked. The amount of HTV types can be very overwhelming especially if this is your first time. Luckily, in this article you’ll be learning about the different types of HTV Vinyl, and their purposes!

  1. Standard Heat Transfer Vinyl

The most basic type of HTV is well, the standard HTV. This does the job for any basic needs, classic designs and such. Most Standard HTV apply to cotton, polyester and blends. A recommendation would be the Siser Easyweed, aside from the mentioned fabrics, the Siser Easyweed can also cling onto leather!


  1. Universal Heat Transfer Vinyl

This type of HTV is can be sometimes referred to as Low Temperature Universal Vinyl, for very obvious reasons. It applies to nearly anything, ranging from cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, and even genuine leather! It only needs low temperatures and low times, quite the universal type isn’t it?

  1. Stretchable Heat Transfer Vinyl

The perfect HTV to glam up your workout gear, adheres to polyester, matching its’ stretchy fabric. It’s very lightweight, and is similar to the Siser Easyweed but definitely a lot more stretchable!

  1. Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl

One thing’s certain with this type of HTV, it drags the attention that it needs, far different from the standard matte finish with most types of HTV. This specific type can be applied to cotton, polyester, and other similar types of fiber.

  1. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

If the glossy finish wasn’t enough, maybe Glitter will do the trick! This category itself has its’ own variation, ranging from textured, smooth, stretchable, holographic etc. It’s the best way to totally up your look, depending on how you feel on any certain day.

Interested in trying out Glitter HTVs? How about the textured Siser Glitter as a start?!


  1. Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Achieving certain designs can’t be accomplished without a bit of spark. Metallic HTVs might just be the thing you need in order to do that, these types of HTVs have opalescent/pearlescent sheen and are similar to chrome.

Different brands, have different descriptions. For this, we’d like to use Siser Electric as a great example, it can be layered, and it’s very durable as it can be washed multiple times without losing its’ original shine!


  1. Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

This unique heat transfer vinyl offers a suede-like texture, that you can use to up your HTV game. It’s a great alternative for embroidery, providing a raised look to your design. This type of HTV can be weeded easily, and can be layered enabling multi-colored designs!

  1. Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl

Similar to how other variations of HTV works but this time, it comes with a pattern! Ranging from ombre, camouflage, animal prints, and various other creative patterns, this type of HTV can totally help you spice up your looks!

Now that you’ve got the basic HTV types, we’re all hoping to see your creative ventures in the HTV community, send us a link via  Instagram  or Facebook!

Did you learn from this article? Don’t forget to share this with your friends, and help them resolve their confusion with the variety of HTV available out there! Stay safe and creative, crafters!