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No Transfer Paper or Tape, No Problem!

No Transfer Paper or Tape, No Problem!

Budget Hack – No Transfer Paper or Tape, No Problem!


One essential item needed to start a vinyl craft would be transfer paper or transfer tape, but in exceptional cases, we might not have enough left in our inventory. For this instance, we will look through the alternatives you can use.


Transfer material can be in two forms: paper and tape. We can use these two materials interchangeably. Below is a written description of the two materials that can help you decide.


Transfer Paper


Transfer paper is a little less sticky than the transfer tape, making it a preferred choice when you’re sticking vinyl on places it doesn’t easily cling to. Since the material is from paper, it covers the vinyl, making the design a little less visible from your perspective.


It is typical for the wet application, a method of transferring adhesive vinyl with the help of water, as it allows the moisture to pass through, making the process effective.

Transfer Tape

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The term transfer tape can be related to an adhesive we use daily, tape. It is a transparent material, making it a favorable choice for most people as it doesn’t cover the design, giving the user a clear image of where they desire to place the vinyl.

This transfer material cannot be used for wet application, as it is made with a plastic film, making it resistant to water.

If you’re planning on starting a business, using the transfer tape might be the one for you, as decal resellers prefer using transfer tape instead of paper.

We can safely move on to the alternatives with much-detailed knowledge regarding the two types of transfer material.


Alternatives for your ordinary Transfer Paper/Tape:


Since there are two types of transfer material, we’ve prepared alternatives for both materials to provide options that suit you best.

  1. Painters Tape!

Painter's Tape

Painter’s tape is a good alternative for transfer paper. Since it is made with crepe paper backing, it can be torn into small pieces making it ideal for application on textured surfaces.

In addition to this, since painter’s tape is not for temporary use, it contains a lighter adhesive. Again, this is an excellent option for when you’re applying on tricky surfaces, as it is easy to remove.

One disadvantage can be the color of the tape itself; the painter’s tape is colored in a way that it would stand out from the canvas, making it easier to spot and remove. But it might cover the design when you’re using it for adhesive vinyl.

  1. Masking Tape!

Masking Tape

Masking tape is a common alternative to painter’s tape, although they are made with the same crepe paper backing, they still share their differences.

Since it is not for temporary use, masking tape has a stronger adhesive. A better option if you’re planning to use this on glitter vinyl or other adhesive vinyl with texture and surface.

It is color white and a little bit on the “see-through” side, so you can also use it for lighter colors that can’t be seen through painter’s tape. In addition, you can also rip masking tape like transfer tape.

Using masking tape can leave residues, similar to when we peel off an old sticker. However, it would be best if you were careful with the time you leave this on. If left for too long, it can leave a few stains behind.

Using it for textured and tricky surfaces is not ideal, as these surfaces require more time to get the vinyl to form an adhesion. There are chances that this might leave unwanted marks.

  1. Clear Contact Paper

Contact Tape

Clear contact paper is the perfect choice if you prefer transfer tape over transfer paper.

Contact paper is commonly used to protect and cover items such as books. It is transparent, making it a good candidate as an alternative for clear transfer tape.

It also comes in various sizes, unlike the first two options. Contact paper makes it much more ideal, especially if you’re crafting large pieces of adhesive vinyl. It’s the perfect alternative to transfer tape.


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A problem you might encounter would be that the suggested alternatives have too much adhesion and cling onto the adhesive vinyl too much. You can quickly fix this problem with the help of cotton cloth.




The suggested alternative can be first applied to the cloth. Afterward, you can proceed to use this material on the adhesive vinyl. The adhesive clings onto tiny particles by doing this, making the material a little less sticky.


Although we’ve prepared three possible alternatives to transfer materials, you don’t need to purchase every single one. Purchase the alternative that would best work out for you. Of course, this comes at a lower price.

Layering the painter’s or masking tape is something you can do, as they don’t come in larger sizes, unlike the contact paper. This way, you’ll be able to cover the entirety of your project with just one material.


If you plan to make a wet application, you can use masking tape. Clear contact paper and painter’s tape won’t let you do this procedure as they were made to withstand liquid and prevent it from passing through as they don’t absorb moisture.


With that, we hope you learned something from this blog. You can share this budget hack with your friends and family! If you made a craft with vinyl, you could send us a direct message on the following social media sites below if you want to get featured on our page.


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