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#Vinyl101 - Tips and Tricks when working with Adhesive Vinyl Part 1!

#Vinyl101 - Tips and Tricks when working with Adhesive Vinyl Part 1!

Hello there! Crafting with adhesive vinyl is very exciting and fun. It can help increase happiness, reduce anxiety, and improve your mood, some say that it’s better and a lot cheaper than therapy! But there are times that it can be quite stressful and intimidating even for those who aren’t beginners in this craft!

In this article, we will help you make your crafting experience a whole lot better! We will be giving you a list of #Vinyl101 tips and tricks that will help you every time you are working with adhesive vinyl!

Without further ado, let us show you the #Vinyl101 we compiled for you!

  1. Water Inside the Glass Trick!

This trick will help you achieve a perfectly leveled and even design on your glasses when applying an adhesive vinyl! Pour water inside the glass and as soon as the water inside becomes stable you can use it as your guide or ruler when leveling the design!

Adhesive vinyl
  1. Use CLEAR Transfer Tape when Layering Projects!

Using a clear transfer tape makes it so much easier to see whether you are applying each layer on its correct position!

  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean your Substrate!

If possible, use rubbing alcohol when cleaning your final substrate! After thoroughly cleaning your surface rub a little bit of rubbing alcohol to make it super clean that the vinyl will adhere to the final substrate perfectly!

The alcohol will help you take off any leftover oils and dust and will completely dehydrate the surface!

  1. Use Coffee Filters to Dry the Substrate!

This #Vinyl101 works perfectly with the previous trick or the alcohol trick! After being cleaned with the alcohol, use coffee filters to wipe off the excess alcohol and completely dry your final substrate ! 

Using coffee filters will help you avoid any lints and tiny fibers that you may usually get from paper towels, tissues, etc.

  1. Use your Cutting Mat When Weeding!

After being cut, do not the remove vinyl yet from the cutting mat and proceed on weeding! The cutting mat will serve as an extra hand and will help you to keep the vinyl in one place and will prevent it from moving while you weed you project!

You can also use Masking Tape, Painter’s Tape, or even Scotch Tape! Take a piece of any of these tapes and put in on the back of your vinyl and stick it on the surface where you are weeding!

  1. Cut Slits on your Transfer Tape!

This trick is for when you are working with curved surfaces, like glasses, cups, and tumblers! After applying the transfer tape on your design, cut slits around the design! Cut the slits as close as possible on the design, this will help you control the decals when applying it on the curved surface!

Here’s another #Vinyl101 for when you are working with curved surfaces;

  1. Start on the Center!

When you are ready to stick the design on the curved surface, make sure at start on the center, press the design with your fingers into the curved surface and work your way out! This will help you avoid any wrinkles and bubbles in your design! 

  1. Get Rid of Air Pockets or Bubbles!

Air pockets or bubbles can appear when the vinyl isn’t applied correctly or if the vinyl was applied on a surface that isn’t cleaned or completely cleaned. It’s one of the most common mistakes/mishaps when working with adhesive vinyl! But lucky for us, there’s a lot of ways to remove these air pockets or bubbles!

Using a pin or a needle, gently poke the air pockets or bubbles and push the air out!  Make sure to poke it gently to avoid making a large hole that will affect the looks of your project! You can also use the tip of a blade or any other tool that you have that can produce a small hole where the air inside the project can be released.

You can also use heat! Use hair dryer and heat the decal for 45 - 60 seconds and then using your fingers or a squeegee to press the air pockets or bubbles towards the edges of the decals! Just be careful when using your fingers, the vinyl might be hot to the touch and might burn your fingers!

Or you can just simply let your project rest in direct sunlight for a couple of hours, the air pockets or bubbles will eventually release on its own.

  1. Weed the Smaller Pieces First!

This will help you save a lot of time and will help you stay neat/organized when weeding out your projects! Start weeding the smaller pieces like the inside spaces of the letters in your project and then stick them on the larger pieces that you will eventually weed off later! This way you won’t have to worry where to put those sticky little pieces!

  1. Use a Strong Grip Mat When Transferring Decals into your Transfer Tape!

Sometimes your decals won’t easily go and be picked-up by your transfer tape, when this happens get a strong grip mat to help you!

  1. Apply the transfer tape like how you normally do it, and then burnish with firm pressure.
  2. Stick the decal with the transfer on the Strong Grip cutting mat, transfer tape-side facing down the mat.
  3. Again, burnish the decal with firm pressure into the mat.
  4. And then, remove the paper backing of your decal!

Those are the first 10 #Vinyl101! We still have more tips and tricks for you guys! Just stay tuned for the part 2!

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to help them out and make their crafting experience less hassle and more fun with these #Vinyl101! Tips. If you want more tips and tricks and can’t wait for the part 2, feel free to visit our social media accounts! And while you’re at it, make sure to follow us there for helpful tips and tricks, project inspirations, store discounts, and more! 

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Thank you, stay safe, and stay crafty, Crafters!