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The Hinge Method - Easy and Accurate Way of Application

The Hinge Method - Easy and Accurate Way of Application

A great way to apply your vinyl decals would be through the method commonly referred to as The Hinge Method. It allows smooth and accurate applications on the first try, most importantly we only need two materials in order to do it: a ruler and painter’s tape!


To ensure the accuracy of the placement we must use a ruler. The painter’s tape can then be applied later on, if you don’t have any painter’s tape you can substitute the material with paper tape. It is important to note that painter’s tape is a lot less sticky compared to paper tape, which can be beneficial for our craft.


With that, we can begin performing the method itself.


The Hinge Method:

1. Prepare your design.

2. Cut and weed.


When sending the vinyl to cut, it’s important to use a square or rectangular shape. This way we’re able to use the ruler much more accurately, as rounded edges can give you a hard time when measuring the spaces. You also have to weed directly on top of the carrier sheet.

3. Apply the transfer tape.

4. Cut off any excess transfer tape.

5. Place the design on top of the surface.


During this step, bring out your ruler and measure the spaces. This way you'll be able to decide on the final location of your design.

6. Apply the painter’s tape.


Grab some painter’s tape and place it in the middle of the decal. For the second time, bring your ruler out and measure if everything is still in the exact location you planned them to be.


7. Peel off the transfer tape.


Pull from one of the sides, and gently peel off the transfer tape, reaching the painter’s tape.


8. Cut the carrier sheet.


Don’t let the vinyl back down, as this may lead to the formation of bubbles.


9. Using a squeegee, press the vinyl back down from the very center going outwards.

10. Remove the painter’s tape.

11. Repeat the same procedure.


Peel the carrier sheet off, and use the squeegee to press the vinyl back down. Run the squeegee for the second time before finally moving onto the next step.


12. Peel off the transfer tape.


Some people prefer putting the painter’s tape on the very top of the decal itself. This method is very versatile, and can be done in both large and small decals. There you can cut manageable sections, still creating a hinge like structure.


Use your squeegee to peel off the carrier sheet and do it downwards.


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