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 Hats are popular to wear because this may add color and elegance to our outfits. In today’s article, we will be tackling the ways on how to apply Heat Transfer Vinyl on a hat by using a household iron. It may be difficult to iron HTV onto hats, but with this guide, you'll be able to do it. Let's get started and learn the step-by-step on ironing Heat Transfer Vinyl on hats!


Before proceeding to the steps, the materials needed are listed below.




- Your chosen Heat Transfer Vinyl
- Household Iron
- Teflon sheet
- Cutting Machine
- Weeding tool
- Towel or any thick fabric
- Heat tape
- Measuring tape



Let’s now proceed to the step-by-step procedure and enjoy working with it!



First, we’re going to choose the design and set the proper place for it. Once the chosen design is selected, upload it into your Design space. Grab a measuring tape and measure your preferred size of the hat. If you are done measuring the size, you can now proceed on sizing your design. After sizing both of your hat and design, you can now cut your design into your cutting machine.





Before you begin cutting, make sure the mirror option is turned on. When you mirror a picture, this means that you're simply cutting it out backwards. This is usually necessary when working with heat transfer material.


Now, place the Heat Transfer Vinyl onto your cutting mat, shiny part faced down. Which means that the carrier sheet is the shiny side and the matte part is the heat transfer substance. To finish the cuts, load the cutting mat in the cutting machine and press the start button.


Heat Transfer Vinyl On A Hat



When you completed cutting, press the unload mat button. Start cutting off the excess vinyl around your design and proceed on weeding the excess material using a weeding tool.

Heat Transfer Vinyl On A Hat



First, heat up your iron and set the proper temperature depending on what Heat Transfer Vinyl you are using. Most of the time, it is set with high temperature. 

The tricky part is about to begin. Hats are tough to flatten, making it difficult to achieve the smooth surface that is required for HTV application. It's even more difficult if your hat has a center seam.

Don’t worry because I have a trick for you! The hat's form can make this a little difficult. So, grab a towel or any fabric that is thick enough to be stuffed in the hat and to help it stand firmly, we're going to fold this towel several times so that we can stuff it neatly into the hat. This will help in the creation of a flat surface that will make pressing much easier.


Heat Transfer Vinyl On A Hat


Hat has flexible surface causing some unevenness, making it move little as you start pressing it. To resolve this, add some towels or and fabric to support it even more.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

For about 10 seconds, preheat your hat before starting to press the design. After this, you can now place the heat transfer decal in the chosen spot of the hat, you can also put a Teflon sheet above your design to lessen the temperature that is being transferred to your heat transfer vinyl down to your final substrate. Apply strong pressure for about 20 seconds with an iron depending on your chosen HTV. Curves may occur so you'll have to press it carefully and press each section separately.




Apply even pressure and do not move it around too much. Check to assess the progress of your project. You can go back over any areas where you believe the heat needs to be applied again. Before peeling up the transfer tape, let it sit and cool for a little while.


Tips: If you are struggling in placing your design into the hat, put some heat resistant tape to hold your design onto it. By doing this, it will keep your design intact to your hat and it will be easier to press.


If your design has layers, do the steps over again to your layers until you finished the layers of your design.



Heat Transfer Vinyl On A Hat


And that’s it! We are all done to this project and we hope you had a lot of fun doing this just like we did while doing this craft! Make a few for yourself or to give as gifts — you could even sell them! I hope you've been inspired to try something new and make your own DIY heat transfer vinyl hat. This may seem a little hard to do, but if you keep on practicing doing it and just enjoying crafting it, it will eventually be turned into something good.


Thank you for sticking with us! We hope you learned something today and if you do try it, you can send your work and message us on our social media accounts. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends so they will also know the process of how to apply HTV on hat. You can also shop for your own adhesive vinyl by checking out our website. We offer different varieties, colors, and sizes of adhesive vinyl in very affordable prices!


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