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Cricut Auto Press Machine: The Cricut’s Smart Gizmo

Cricut Auto Press Machine: The Cricut’s Smart Gizmo

Cricut Auto Press Machine: The Cricut’s Smart Gizmo

Hey there craftsperson and DIY goers! Welcome to another episode of DIY making where you can always be artistic and explore your creative interest in the comfort of your home or craft room! 

Fellas, you love making crafts and getting nifty when your inventive ideas click in. I also know you’re so fond of experimenting and doing extraordinary techniques to beautify your designs, most especially with the method called heat printing using heat printing machines. In the longest run of you doing this, there is a plethora of pizazz you’ve successfully created--- from simple to complex, for yourself, your families, and friends, and even making enough to sell! Wow… With that, we can say you, and heat printing plus your tools are inseparable! I can’t imagine how far you’ve gone.

Now, let me ask you a vital question. Will it be safe to assume you’re ready to take a giant revolutionizing leap towards a more excellent path in DIY-ing and heat printing? What about your equipment? Is it ready enough to make incredible pieces and designs? What if your next big step will require you to adjust to an immense advancement? Do you think with the heat printing equipment with you now, will it still be capable of catering to a massive turnaround? Well… Before you get on the verge of deep contemplation or diving into creating process without assessing things, these queries have to be answered. This time we’ll get feasible by hunting a good gear for your DIY-ing and heat printing!


Introducing the Smart Heat Press for your DIY & Heat Printing Venture

 Even though there are lots of beautiful and good deals on heat printing equipment in the market right now, there’s this one name creating a loud resonating noise in the whole DIY-ing community! Heat Press, Easy Press, Mini-iron, or Iron for your vinyl projects? Each one is designed for a specific heat printing task. Will one of these heat printing tools be the key to getting along with the latest trends?

Coming from the exquisite brand of Cricut, continuously creating marks of unstoppable milestones and legacy. A new state–of–the–art craft machine executing expert quality and straightforward efficiency of performance. An absolute companion to get you on top of enormous waves of heat printing modernization. The Cricut’s Smart Gizmo is for every craft enthusiast, whether beginner, crafter-to-be or expert! Dah-ditty-dahh-ditty-Dahh…. THE CRICUT AUTO PRESS MACHINE!


What is a Cricut Auto Press Machine? 

 The Cricut Auto Press Machine is Cricut’s newly unveiled craft equipment from the royal line of its heat press machines. Seamlessly specialized equipment is designed to intermix functionally for commercial, home, and personal use. Its copious and new features guarantee the production of more work done in less time and are much friendlier for its users. Special craft equipment defeating traditional heat presses allows bulk printing of items.  

How does Cricut Auto Press Works? 

 Cricut Auto Press Machine functions by showcasing advanced technology and diverse expertise in automaticity. For example, upon production of a particular project, it mechanically adjusts pressure to your substrate up to two inches and automatically releases when the pressing phase is completed. With that, there is no overheating or overpressing one should be worried about. The spot-on amount of pressure, accurate time, and precise quantity of temperature can be pre-programmed for a built-in preset following the most used heat printing materials and mediums. These heat printing elements can be collectively blended every time a printing process must be performed. 


What are the Cricut Auto Press’ Handy Parts and their Basic Features?

 Cricut Auto Press Machine isn’t just a pretty face or a big chunk of metal existing to heat up and press your materials. In fact! It’s a total equipment package, with one body having many parts performing a specific function and goals in making your item a one-of-a-kind piece!

  •  Power Switch – found at the lower right side of the machine beside the transit lock button. Typically, it powers on or off the Auto Press. 
  • Heat Plate - serves as the upper platen, measures 15 in x 12 in or 8 cm x 30 cm, and is made of a non-stick ceramic layer carrying even heat distribution. It’s the only part of the Auto Press design to emit heat when design transferring.
  •  Platen - the lower firm plate that doesn’t get hot but may get tepid when repeated design transferring is done. 
  • Removable Mat - a removable non-slip mat with added silicon material found in the lower platen of the Cricut Auto Press. It’s designed to abolish the need for heat press pillows and promotes good alignment of the project to the machine’s upper platen. 
  • Fan - responsible for the cooling system of the machine’s precarious touch point and its handle safe to touch during use. 
  • Motor Assist - a mechanically controlled part of the machine and one that is engaged when you apply pressure during the printing process
  • Heat Press Crank - found at the top of the Auto Press. It enables the machine to adjust the pressure applied on a particular material and even on substrates possessing two-inch thickness. 
  • Control Pod with Preset Buttons - the machine’s accessory activated through Design Space. It offers convenient access to pre-program measurements of time and temperature. This control is matched to the most used material and substrate. Using the preset buttons, one can choose any of the built-in options. Meanwhile, you can manually adjust it through the control dials below the time and temperature preview.
  • Four-Point Hinge - is a unique feature of Cricut Auto Press. It is engineered to do both functions of clamshell and swing-type heat press, allowing it to accomplish projects with thicker substrates like wood in a short period.
  • Transit Lock - found on the right side of the Auto Press position near the power button. It locks the heat plate when in use, not in use, or moving into another place. 
  • Handles – exist for two functions. First, the front handle is used to pull down to close the main lid and can be tapped to complete it before the pressing cycle starts. At the same time, the back handle is for carrying the machine when it needs to be transferred or stored in another place. 


What Accessories are included inside the box of the Cricut Auto Press Machine? 

 Aside from the Cricut Auto Press Professional Heat Press, when you purchase its full set are other perks included inside its box and here are below. 

  •  Cricut Pressing Mat
  • Control Pod with USB Cable
  •  Power cords ( Only one needed yet those units marketed in UK/Europe offer two cords---- a cord configured for UK and the other for Europe while for America comes with one cable only)
  • User Guide / Manual
  • Warranty Document
  • Safety Instructions  


How do you set up the Cricut Auto Press Machine?

 Before you can use and let the press perform a task, it must undergo a complete setup process using a desktop, laptop, or mac book. Setting up is just quick and easy at the tip of your hands. 

  1. To start setting up, position the machine on a durable surface. Plug in one end of the power cord to the press and the other to the wall socket. 
  2. With the USB cord, connect the control pod to the computer. 
  3. To register and activate the machine, go to cricut.com/setup or Cricut Design Space. Navigate, select “new product set up,” and choose “heat press.” 
  4. Agree to all the terms and conditions to process the machine’s activation and update the program in the control pod.  
  5. Once done, remove the control pod to the computer, then plug in the USB cord to the press. 
  6. To finish the setup and activation fully, power on and unlock the press. 


What is Cricut Auto Press’ Best Feature in Terms of Functionality?

 And just in time! No need to wonder what defines a Cricut Auto Press is. Instead, mark out all the details making it the right equipment for your heat printing job. Get speechless as we dig into what more it can do for you and your whole venture journey! 


1. Purposeful Dimension 

Despite Cricut Auto Press’ size and weight, it doesn’t defeat its purpose for these two dimensions. This machine can still maximize portability by accomplishing big-sized customization projects without limiting the work it provides and without affecting the crafter’s movement while doing the job and the workspace.

 Just a little note, when pressing a project, you can place your Cricut Auto Press on a robust and durable table or on the counter area that can accommodate the gravity of pressure when pressing a design. Upon keeping the equipment after use, it is compact enough to sit on your equipment’s shelve and be stored vertically in-between spaces of a table and a shelf consuming lesser space. 

  •  Size  

When closed: 16.63’’ (width) x 6.62’’ (height) x 26.07’’ (depth) 

When open: 16.63 inches (width) x 25.14 (height) x 23.21 (depth)

Opening angle: 62° widest angle

  • Weight  

53.2 lbs. or 24.13 Kg


2. Technologically Advance through Automaticity and Multi-tasking

 Are you tired of watching the press timer to finish counting down? Weary and exhausted of always guarding up for possible burns, for you can’t leave your platen while pressing your design? Don’t be troubled because your press can now do the work independently and without you constantly keeping an eye on it! Through its auto-off or auto-open feature, the press stops pressing with heat and automatically opens the platen when the time allotted for the material is done. You don’t have to panic as well if you forgot there’s a project of yours currently pressed. In addition, enjoy more hand’s free moments by doing other things while the press cycle is ongoing. 

3. Zero Effort Operation 

 Are you worried if the muscles on your left and right arm wouldn’t be equal in size after pressing in full force for a heat printing job? Well, not anymore! Maintain the excellent shape of your arms through the “effort-free” edge of Cricut Auto Press! It will no longer cost you an arm to open and close the clamp of this machine. It won’t need you to spring pressure from your entire body. Instead, it will only take two fingers for you to do it.  

 4. More Project Milestones

 This machine can finally go equally with your dynamic loads and fast work phasing. Cricut Auto Press finishes the job in less than a minute while catering to different heat printing jobs for you! From smaller to larger projects, it guarantees it triples the productivity! Lesser waiting time and more working time!   

5. Space Saver

 Commonly, an ideal heat press to be placed inside a craft room is one that doesn’t consume much space and must not affect the crafter’s comfort in its mobility while doing its work. To Cricut Auto Press, you don’t have to compete for your personal space and common area when work mode is on. Its handiness makes it easy to manage and maximize every corner of the craft room. Just tuck it vertically or flatly fold it. You can nicely keep it under your table, sit in a nice counter area, or be sleek to put on display on your equipment’s shelf. 

 6. Safety 

Are you screwing your heat press on a table for a firm grip on its position? Is the machine shifting, jumping, or kicking in when it opens? To Cricut Auto Press, NEVER AGAIN! Its lock-in feature frees the resisting pressure after application automatically and gently when the timer is up. 

Hand burns by the thought of handling the platen or machine’s body aren’t hot? Does skin accidentally touch the hot surface of the device? NOT AGAIN! No more accidental contact with the wide-open view of the Auto Press platen! There is no need to risk your hand working closely with the platen; this gives you clearer visibility to see things while getting busy with the process.  

 The machine’s air-cooled, temperature-rated external coverings on top, body, and handle parts. It underrates the potential emission of harmful heat within this area. With that, this lets you finish your work peacefully and danger-free! No more accidental touching too!

 7. User-friendly 

 “Machine is too big! A make-shift step is needed to reach the platen when closing it! It’s too heavy and all!” Cricut Auto Press Machine is an excellent friend to crafting, and it will always be kind to you! It is designed favorable for your convenience and ease of use, whether you’re with weak strength or one with limitations on what your body can do due to disability. It isn’t challenging to operate and does not require much time to get familiar with it. Cricut Auto Press is here to help you continue to make your first love! 

 8. Easy carry and Easy Transfer

 Setting up your machine in whichever area of your work room is a breeze! With its handle on the back or top, even you alone can carry and bring it to any workstation you want! You don’t have to call the whole team for a sudden rescue in moving your press.


Which is better? Cricut Auto Press or Heat Press?

A while ago, we mentioned some of Cricut Auto Press’s advantages, yet those are a portion of its features. A quick comparison of this machine with a heat press machine enables us to look closer. 

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  Table of Comparison for Cicrut Auto Press and Heat Press

Table of Comparison for Cicrut Auto Press and Heat Press















$ 999.99



$300 to more than $3,000



(Depending on the model and brand)






Sleek and seamless



Industrial Built



Platen and Platen Size



Measures 15x20



A bit smaller plate



Fixed Platen



Measures 16x20



Bigger Plate



Changeable into different sizes






53 lbs



80 lbs



Time to reach and temperature change



7 minutes to 8 minutes



(highest temperature set)




2 minutes and 30 seconds



(low - temperature set)



30 minutes



(highest temperature set)




7 minutes



(low - temperature set)



Pressure Adjustment



Automatic (the machine will tell how much pressure to put on)



Manually Set up and adjusted



Force needed to close



Made effortless through its motor assist



Full force



Body Temperature



Temperature – Rated and Air –cooled body



Can be hotter outside



Workability to thick substrates



Can work with thick materials



Can work with thick materials but without evenness of press.



Pass-through Feature



Doesn’t have full pass-through for substrate like t-shirt



Does have full pass-through






Open wide view angle and free from accidental contact




Automatically releases the platen without shifting or jumping after complete a pressing cycle



Narrow open view angle



Prone to accidental contact



Machine kicks in after completing a pressing cycle



Muti-Tasking Ability



llow preparation of the next project while there’s a project being printed..



Need to wait before readying the next project



Space Occupancy and Transferability



Space saver



Easily move to another area



Occupies more space



Too hefty to transfer into another area.






Fast production of items and increase rate of output



High output rate yet a little slower production




What Heat Printing Job does Cricut Auto Press can do for you? 

 True to its manufacturer’s word, Cricut Auto Press Machine makes everything lighter for everybody’s good! As this machine foster to be commercially ready, it is much more production and printing ready. With its capability to provide an even temperature of 170 °F up to 400 °F, broad engagement in various heat printing jobs is achievable. It includes heat transfer printing using Heat Transfer Vinyl, screen printing, infusible ink, and sublimation printing. Thus, this qualifies your plan of upgrading heat printing projects into a new game level and even your hobby progress into a business. 

 Don’t wait for the clock to tick! See with your own eyes how good Cricut Auto Press is in giving you its total performance. 


What Projects can be made with Cricut Auto Press? 

 Believe it or not, Cricut Auto Press Machine is like a big bonanza containing a vast amount of unclaimed jackpot! Apart from not missing surprises after being out of its box, it doesn’t run late in what it can do and what you can customize with this machine! 

Below are the names of substrates and prospective products you can make with them!

Blanks and Substrates that can be customized with Heat Printing using Cricut Auto Press:

Take Note: In choosing blanks or Substrates, you can use up to 2-inch thick materials. 

  • Fabrics (100% Cotton, Blends, Nylon, Polyester, Silk, Wool, Neoprene, Muslin, Mesh, And Felt) 
  • Canvas 
  • Faux Leather
  • Burlap
  • Cardstock
  • Chipboard
  • Corkboard
  • Wood Planks ( Block Form or Painted)
  • Aluminum Sheet

List of products that you can customize with heat printing using Cricut Auto Press:

  • Blankets
  • T-shirts 
  • Sports Clothes
  • Onesies, Mittens, and Baby’s Body Suit
  • Hoodies/ Jackets
  • Jerseys
  • Bonnets
  • Socks and Handkerchiefs
  • Denim Pants
  • Faux Leather Key Chain, Wallet, Clutch Bag
  • Pillow Cases
  • Tote Bag/Draw String Bag, Cosmetic Bag
  • Aprons
  • Square Coaster
  • Glass Picture Frame 
  • Glass Cutting Board
  • Signage
  • Pot Holder
  • Glass Cutting Board
  • Can Koozies
  • Ceramic Tiles 
  • Chalk Board 
  • Ceramic Coasters
  • Banners


 Yi-haaa! Cheers to the latest and today’s new confidant of every artisan in this vinyl industry! Finally, we reached the end of this session with the hope you enjoy meeting up with your new craft buddy. 

We always want the best equipment to give us extra confidence in completing our projects. Also, a tool that can straightforwardly offer complexity and flexibility, Cricut Auto Press Machine is a great machine that never intimidates you to pursue craft-ful attempts for your venture! 

We love to hear from you! Send us soon your incredible story and project-making journey if in case you consider or decide to have your own Cricut Auto Machine! Till next time… See you around! 


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