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Oracal 651 Vinyl 12" x 12" Sheets

Say goodbye to cheap, flimsy stickers that peel and fade in the sun. Unleash your creativity with Oracal 651!

This permanent adhesive vinyl boasts a glossy texture that can guarantee your designs a premium-looking finish. With its solvent-based adhesive and a full spectrum of colors and shades to choose from, Oracal 651 is a great fit for any indoor crafts ideas and the ultimate vinyl for outdoor applications.

Crafted to add personality to any non-porous surface, Oracal 651 gives you the power to create custom decals, eye-catching graphics, and high-quality permanent stickers that goes well with mugs, tumblers, and many more! And with a rating of 6 and even up to 8 years of outdoor usage, Oracal 651 is your best choice for jazzing up store windows, personalizing mailboxes, car decals, and basically any surface you wish to empower against any weather.

Oracal 651 is brimming with many cutting-edge features and advantages that will surely captivate your creative mind. One of which is how its usage ooze with so much easiness. Want some proof? Oracal 651  is an easy-to-cut and weed vinyl that is compatible with a wide range of standard die-cutting machines. This highly-reliable vinyl is packed with an easy-to-peel release liner that, when paired to your favorite transfer tape, becomes an easy-to-transfer graphic to any smooth-surfaced substrate. With Oracal 651, transferring designs is indeed a breeze!

In comparison to its market rivals and closest competitors, Oracal 651 stands out by offering 2.5 millimeters thickness-a significant change among the common 3 millimeters thick calendered vinyl. This number is purposely engineered to deliver better flexibility and above-average scratch and abrasion resistance, making application on curved surfaces less of a challenge and ensuring a minimal possibility of premature edge-lifting.

If you think that's only it! Wait, because there's more.  One of the best and most useful feature of this vinyl lies on its pressure-sensitive adhesive. Whether it's a faulty placement or a sudden change of mind, rest your worries because Oracal 651 got your back. Repositioning is still possible as long as you haven't applied pressure on it yet. But don't get fooled and doubt its adhesive capability because once activated, Oracal 651 bonds and holds on the surface like no other.

Another good thing about Oracal 651 is, unlike Heat Transfer Vinyl, it needs no heating tools to adhere to a substrate-which is great for starting crafters out there! It may not be heat-resistant, but it certainly is waterproof. Though manufacturers don't claim it as dishwasher nor microwave safe, this durable vinyl doesn't encounter any problem being hand-washed.

So, whether you're looking for an industry-proven, outdoor-ready, and long-lasting permanent adhesive vinyl, or you're just simply wanting to add some fun and flair to give your project that extra bit of polish, Oracal 651 is the perfect choice!