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Teckwrap Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl - Cyanine Black | Unleash Your Creativity with Colorful Swirls!

10" x 5 ft
10" x 3 ft


Indulge your artistic flair with our captivating Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl! Adorned with mesmerizing galaxy swirls, this vinyl allows you to create stunning shapes, designs, and lettering on your t-shirts, hoodies, and team wear. Crafted from top-quality material, this soft, durable, and stretchable vinyl roll guarantees a fuss-free cutting and weeding process, making your fabric projects a breeze to complete.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: Choose from 10” x 5ft (0.251.55m) or 10" x 82ft (0.2525m) rolls to suit your creative needs.
  • Eye-Catching Galaxy Pattern: Embrace the beauty of 4 mesmerizing colors in a galaxy-inspired design.
  • Easy to Work With: This vinyl is ideal for weeding out small letters and intricate designs, ensuring seamless application.
  • Waterproof and Washable: Enjoy long-lasting results as the permanent adhesive is resistant to harsh elements and washing machines.
  • Perfect for Cotton Fabric Surfaces: Create captivating designs on flat and smooth cotton fabrics with ease.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, clubwear, pillowcases, and more.

How to Create Designs with Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  1. Ensure compatibility with your preferred craft cutter, die cutter, or sign plotter.
  2. Mirror/Reverse your image design before cutting.
  3. Place the vinyl (gloss side) onto a cutting mat and adjust the blade speed and cutting pressure.
  4. Weed out the excess vinyl slowly, leaving behind delicate design letters or graphics.
  5. Confirm the finished product faces the right way once ironed onto your fabric.
  6. Lay out the fabric on a hard, flat, clean, and dry surface.
  7. Use cardboard to protect the transferred image on both sides of the fabric.
  8. Set a heat press machine between 130℃(266℉) to 140℃(284℉).
  9. Press the vinyl onto the fabric for 8-12 seconds at medium pressure.
  10. Iron on the vinyl gloss side, without using a steam iron.
  11. Disperse the iron's heat evenly and consistently apply pressure to ensure a fully attached image.
  12. Allow the vinyl to cool, and gently peel off the backing after a few minutes.

Unleash your creativity and add the captivating colors of the galaxy to your fabric projects. Order our Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl now and embark on a cosmic journey of artistic expression!


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