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Craft Vinyl HTV and Glitter Giveaway

Craft Vinyl HTV and Glitter Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win Craft Vinyl's May Long Weekend Giveaway.

To enter:

  1. Write a comment under this post in our Facebook Group to qualify for draw.

The draw will be on Sunday May 23rd at 7 PM MST. We will take all names that posted a comment and do a draw. 

The delivery of the Vinyl is also included!

 The vinyl Included in the package:

Craft Vinyl HTV (12" x 12") Sheets
  1. Black 5 Sheets
  2. White 5 Sheets


Craft Vinyl Glitter Adhesive Vinyl (12" x 12") Sheets


  1. Silver Glitter
  2. Teal Glitter
  3. Bubble Gum Glitter
  4. Raspberry Glitter
  5. White Glitter
  6. Onyx Glitter
  7. Red Glitter
  8. Royal Purple Glitter
  9. Gold Glitter
  10. Orange Glitter


Craft Vinyl Transfer Tape  (12" x 12") Sheets

  1. Red Grid 3 Sheets
  2. Blue Grid 3 Sheets